Thursday thoughts…

elo elo – how we all doing?

So I just wanted to run a quick idea by you, yes I’m aware you aren’t really gonna have much input into my final decision because ya girls already decided she’s gonna do it (haha well try) BUT nether the less, what do you think of Thursday thoughts?

lemme just explain real quick wtf I’m on about (bare with  while I ramble abit more) but I was sitting just thinking, or I mean I could have been overthinking  – do you ever get confused between the two? my minds like “ooo char listen” 10 minutes later I’m 7 years deep on someone’s insta and 15 snap chat filters later wondering what IM DOING WITH MY LIFE? see I’m doing it again, what was this post about? no idea? you and me both darl (haha crys)  ANYWAY… so the point of this is, every Thursday I’m going to try to share with you a thought of the week, either something I’m passionate about or something I feel is important, this might not be something you want to read. if it isn’t, no sweat sugar scroll right on past.

only a little update for you – got any topics you want me to cover please feel free to comment them!!

love ya x



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